Sorrow at death of Stephen Schneider

Stephen Schneider
Wednesday, 21 July, 2010
Bob Beale

Stephen H. Schneider, a Stanford biology professor and a leading researcher in climate change, has died, aged 65.

An outstanding scientist, climate researcher and activist, Professor Schneider was a regular visitor to UNSW, delivering numerous public lectures and giving seminars.

His most recent visit was less than four weeks ago on 23 June, when he gave a lecture at the UNSW Climate Change Research Centre and a seminar at the Institute of Environmental Studies (IES), where he had been a visiting fellow in 2006.

"Stephen Schneider's passing is an enormous loss to humankind," says Professorial Visiting Fellow Frank Muller, of the IES.

"Stephen's leadership over two decades in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is widely recognised.

"But his contribution was even bigger than that. Stephen was a trailblazer in showing how diverse disciplines can be brought together to tackle complex problems that are beyond the scope of any one discipline to understand. On climate change, his contributions spanned all aspects from the basic science to economics and ethics.

"Stephen had it all.  He combined great passion with the highest standards of intellectual rigour and integrity. He was a wonderful communicator and a superb analyst. But most of all, he inspired ordinary people the world over to believe that in the end rational argument and decent values could prevail over ideology and sectional interests."