January 2020

Whooping cough evolving into a superbug
16 January 2020
Whooping cough bacteria are becoming smarter at colonising and feeding off unwitting hosts, strengthening calls for a new vaccine, according to UNSW researchers. Australia needs a new whooping cough...

December 2019

Are you a holiday overeater? Practical tips on how to manage your appetite this Christmas
19 December 2019
A psychologist weighs in on why our brain tells us to overeat during the holidays – and how we can manage those signals. It happens every year. Despite our best efforts – and...
Psychology of gift giving
17 December 2019
Does the perfect gift exist? Dr Lisa A Williams from UNSW School of Psychology gives her top tips for choosing the best gift.
Smart 'microrecycling' technology earns new funding
17 December 2019
Technology from UNSW that can reform waste into new materials is closer to commercialisation thanks to new NSW government funding.  UNSW Sydney’s SMaRT Centre has secured nearly $1...
Refugees with insecure visas experience more trauma, depression and post-traumatic stress: study
16 December 2019
A new study has revealed the association between refugees’ visas and their mental health. Refugees and people seeking asylum with insecure visas have significantly higher post-traumatic stress...
STEMM Mythbusters: Does lightning strike the same place twice?
11 December 2019
  Professor Steven Sherwood from UNSW School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences explains why lightning can strike the same place twice.
Scientists find cheaper way to make hydrogen energy out of water
11 December 2019
Scientists show how using only water, iron, nickel and electricity can create hydrogen energy much more cheaply than before. Hydrogen-powered cars may soon become more than just a novelty after a...
Spying on hippos with drones to help conservation efforts
10 December 2019
Picture: Victoria Inman A new UNSW study has shown that using a drone to film hippos in Africa is an effective, affordable tool for conservationists to monitor the threatened species’...
Saving the ozone layer in 1987 slowed global warming
9 December 2019
The Montreal Protocol, an international agreement signed in 1987 to stop chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) destroying the ozone layer, now appears to be the first international treaty to successfully slow...
UNSW researcher awarded 2019 Australian Mathematical Society Medal
9 December 2019
Associate Professor David Harvey has received a highly prestigious medal at the annual meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society.  UNSW Associate Professor David Harvey, from the School of...
UNSW researchers win prestigious Royal Society of NSW awards
9 December 2019
World-leading climate change expert Scientia Professor Matthew England and internationally renowned chemical engineer Professor Kouroush Kalantar-Zadeh have been recognised this year. The Royal...
Climate change talk OK during disaster events
6 December 2019
A global consortium of leading climate change research universities is coming together as a new survey reveals the attitudes of Australians to climate change. A majority of Australians believe it is...
Martina’s fight against not-so-fantastic plastic
4 December 2019
Martina de Marcos, a final year UNSW Sydney Masters student, has helped to ban single use plastic bags in developing nations through grassroots activism. A passion for reducing single use...

November 2019

Packaging made from banana plants an a-peeling alternative
29 November 2019
Biodegradable 'plastic' bags made out of banana plants sounds a bit...bananas, but a couple of UNSW researchers have found a way to do it, and it could solve two industrial waste problems in one. Two...
Income inequality fuels status anxiety and sexualisation, research shows
26 November 2019
Women invest more time and attention in appearance enhancement if they live in economically unequal environments - a phenomenon driven by status anxiety, according to a new study. Women’s appearance...
UNSW Professor earns second lifetime achievement award for road safety
22 November 2019
UNSW Professor Raphael Grzebieta receives Lifetime Research Award at the 2019 National Transport Research Awards. Global road safety expert UNSW Sydney Professor Raphael Grzebieta has been awarded...
2020 Times Higher Education rankings sees UNSW in top 100 for Medicine and Science subjects
20 November 2019
UNSW Sydney has jumped 32 places to 59th in Medicine and 24 places to 98th for Physical Sciences in the annual Times Higher Education (THE) World Rankings by Subject.UNSW Sydney has four Medicine and...
UNSW academics abound on list of world’s most influential researchers
20 November 2019
With 30 academics included on the 2019 list of Highly Cited Researchers, UNSW rises to second among Go8 universities.A total of 30 UNSW Sydney academics have featured on the 2019 Clarivate Analytics...
New $8m radiocarbon dating facility to generate urgently-needed data on climate change
19 November 2019
UNSW researchers will use ancient wood archives to study the effects of climate change over the last 50,000 years.In a bid to track the planet’s changing climate, UNSW has recently opened an $8m...
An underwater quest to restore our endangered seagrass meadows
18 November 2019
A beautiful seagrass is endangered in parts of NSW, but a team of “underwater gardeners” led by a UNSW marine ecologist is working to stem its decline.Posidonia might sound like a...
UNSW academics receive ARC grants for early career research and industry collaborations
15 November 2019
More than $7.25m supports projects to futureproof Australia from natural disasters and pioneering research partnerships. Researchers from UNSW Sydney have secured more than $7.25 million in...
A runaway star, ejected from the galactic heart of darkness
13 November 2019
Astronomers have spotted something they weren't expecting – a star that has been travelling at 6 million kilometres an hour for 5 million years. Astronomers – including scientists from UNSW Sydney –...
‘Missed opportunity’: Australia to fall short of Sustainable Development Goals by 2030
12 November 2019
Rapid progress for Australia on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is possible and could deliver a fairer, greener, more prosperous nation in 2030 – if managed properly – new UNSW research has...
UNSW Science professor elected to the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia
11 November 2019
The Fellowships recognise the work of top scholars who have significantly advanced research and knowledge in the social sciences. Academics from UNSW Sydney's faculties of Law, Science and Arts...
Pioneering ecologist Paul Ehrlich to present at UNSW Sydney on the sixth mass extinction
11 November 2019
Prominent scientist will tackle saving humanity from catastrophic damage to its life support systems and an impending climate change catastrophe. Professor Paul R Ehrlich, President of the Centre for...
Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing 2019 announced
8 November 2019
Melissa Fyfe has won the 2019 Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing with ‘Getting Cliterate’, originally published in the Good Weekend, which celebrates the clitoris and the Australian scientist...
How the mountain pygmy-possum can be saved from climate change
4 November 2019
Picture: Lee Henderson/UNSW  //Palaeontologists look to the fossil record to come up with a new strategy to save the endangered mountain pygmy-possum from becoming a climate change casualty....
Climate scientist awarded Royal Society of Victoria’s top research medal
1 November 2019
UNSW Sydney Professor Andy Pitman AO, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes, has been awarded the RSV's Medal for Excellence in Scientific Research. Professor Andy Pitman AO...
It’s not ‘wild dog’ management – we are just killing dingoes
1 November 2019
Dingo or just wild dog? A new study busts the misconception that pure dingoes are extinct in NSW – and finds several ‘dingo hotspots’ around the state. Almost all wild dogs in NSW are dingoes or...

October 2019

Wins for UNSW Science in 2019 NSW Premier’s Prizes for Science & Engineering
30 October 2019
UNSW researchers have taken out five NSW Premier’s Prizes for Science & Engineering for works spanning from ecosystem conservation to pancreatic cancer treatment.  UNSW researchers have won half...
Milan Pahor receives KPMG Inspiring Teacher Award
23 October 2019
Milan Pahor from the School of Mathematics and Statistics has won the 2019 KPMG Inspiring Teaching Award in a First Year Undergraduate Program.  Now in its third year, the KPMG Inspiring...
UNSW Professor Emma Johnston named ATSE fellow
23 October 2019
UNSW Sydney’s Dean of Science, Professor Emma Johnston, has been elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.UNSW Sydney’s Professor Emma Johnston is among 25 leading...
Thirteen UNSW researchers named ARC Future Fellows
18 October 2019
The newest future fellows have been awarded $11.5 million to conduct research that will deliver significant health, scientific, environmental, social and economic benefits. UNSW Sydney academics from...