New quantum computing director appointed

Michelle Simmons
Friday, 21 May, 2010
Bob Beale

UNSW is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Michelle Simmons as Director of one of the university's largest and most high-profile research initiatives - the Centre for Quantum Computer Technology (CQCT).

The centre is an Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence and is co-funded by the US National Security Agency/Army Research Office.

CQCT members are leading a major international research program to demonstrate radically new computing technologies.

Professor Simmons has been one of the leading figures in the Centre for Quantum Computer Technology over the past decade. She is Director of the Atomic Fabrication Facility at UNSW and is a member of the UNSW School of Physics.

"When you've got a world leading research centre like this Quantum Computing group you want the best possible researcher and research leader as the Director," says Professor Merlin Crossley, Dean of the UNSW Faculty of Science. "I am delighted that the centre is in the hands of Michelle Simmons, who has won two successive Federation Fellowships, and has consistently been an inspirational figure behind much of the work at the Centre."

Professor Simmons was awarded the 2005 Pawsey Medal by the Australian Academy of Science and in 2006 became one of the youngest elected Fellows of the Academy. She has been an ARC Federation Fellow since 2005. She has published over 300 papers in leading physics journals and is esteemed internationally for her experimental research in fundamental semiconductor physics.

She replaces Professor Robert Clark, following his appointment as the Australian Government's Chief Defence Scientist.
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