Facelift for Physics Research Areas

Southern office area
Wednesday, 30 May, 2012
Bob Beale

The space occupied by two of the School of Physics’s key research departments has been given a major facelift as part of a $3.2M project completed by UNSW Facilities this month.

The work involved a complete refit of the 1st floor of the Old Main Building from where it adjoins the Newton Building on the western side, through to the spiral staircase between Physics and the adjacent School of Mining Engineering on the eastern side.

In a project managed by Geoff Lim from Facilities, designed by Tiffany Woo from Gardiner Wetherill architects, and constructed by Ichor, the corridor was straightened to reconnect the two sides of the building, with offices on the southern side of the corridor extending east/westward from a central entry foyer featuring a communal meeting area.

The new area, jointly occupied by the astrophysics department (eastern side) and condensed matter physics department (western side), consists of a mix of conventional offices and open plan space, enabling researchers previously housed in different, isolated parts of the building to be brought together into a common area.

It is anticipated that this improved proximity and more interactive layout will lead to a more vibrant research environment for both of these key physics research departments at UNSW. The area was officially opened by UNSW Dean of Science, Prof. Merlin Crossley, on Friday 18th May.