Event: RoboCup founder visits UNSW

UNSW's robot soccer team, rUNSWift, in action
Thursday, 10 October, 2013
The founder of the international RoboCup soccer tournament, Professor Hiroaki Kitano, will deliver a public lecture at UNSW today, which will air online via a Google Hangout.   
Professor Kitano, President and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, is a renowned expert in artificial intelligence, robotics and systems biology.
Kitano led development of Sony’s AIBO robots, initiated a project to power remote communities in Africa, and is currently developing new drugs using advanced computational approaches to understand biological systems.
His lecture at UNSW, Act Beyond Borders, will highlight the importance of mathematics to understanding climate change, increasingly complex economic systems and global healthcare. 
Professor Bruce Henry, Head of the UNSW School of Mathematics, which is co-hosting the event, says maths underpins the technological advances that enable us to function and play in our modern world, from internet search engines to GPS.  
“This lecture will highlight some of the ways maths can make our planet more sustainable and will demonstrate the importance of having a mathematically engaged and literate society,” says Henry.
Kitano is visiting Australia as a guest of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), which is coordinating a program called Mathematics of Planet Earth Australia 2013.
The talk will be broadcast live via a Google Hangout, and will be preceded by a robot soccer match featuring Australia’s leading robotic soccer team rUNSWift.
“UNSW computing students have competed in the RoboCup tournament every year except one and have won their class three times,” says Associate Professor Maurice Pagnucco, Head of the UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering.
“The competition is a big part of our School’s culture and we are delighted to host Professor Kitano,” says Pagnucco.
Event Details:
Who: Professor Hiroaki Kitano, founder of RoboCup, President and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories
What: Public Lecture – Act Beyond Borders
When: Thursday 10 October 2013 – Google Hangout begins at 5pm
Where: Leighton Hall, Scientia Building, UNSW (register here:
Access the Google Hangout here:
For interview requests with Professor Kitano contact: Stephanie Pradier, AMSI,, 0424 568 314.
Photo opportunities at Leighton Hall from 5pm.