Discovery: Quantum Psychology taps into telepathic abilities

Quantum Psychology shows us how to tap into our telekinetic and telepathic abilities
Wednesday, 1 April, 2015

A visiting Professor in Parapsychology has wowed audiences with his breathtaking discoveries on the power of the human brain.

“We only use ten per cent of our brain," he explained. “In fact, some people use even less – they know who they are and they have the most to gain."

Speaking at a conference for such people, he indicated how the power of the mind could allow telepathy and telekinesis. Such experiments have been highly controversial and up until now no-one has been able to explain some serious failures.

But Professor Wintergarten has pioneered work into what he calls Quantum Psychology. “Take coin tossing,” he said. “I can predict the outcome every time but sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong. When one accepts one can be both wrong and right at the same time, one begins to understand the power of what I call alternative science."

He has also done experiments with cats, where they are able to use telepathy to identify closed boxes containing food, with statistically significant results in as many as 5% of experiments. Professor Wintergarten says that by using Parapsychology and prediction one could improve our understanding of politics and the economy.

But responses to the conference have been mixed. UNSW’s leading Professors in Psychology were not supportive of this type of work. Professors Lovejoy and Killjoy both provided the same analysis: “The cats are probably just using smell to identify the food," they said. “To us this looks like an April Fools’ Day joke.”

Professor Wintergarten retorted that their perfectly aligned response was an example of quantum psychological coupling and he hoped additional funding would be provided to resolve any differences.

Professor Wintergarten is a Visiting Professor in Paraspsychology at the UNSW Quantum Psychology Institute. This article was first published in Scientific Medium magazine.