Undergraduate Information

If you have a curious mind, want to learn from world renowned researchers and need a degree that is relevant to current issues, look no further than UNSW Science.

Science is an incredibly broad field so it’s time to leave school science behind – it’s not just about chemistry, biology and physics anymore.

From science nerds to those just interested in the world around them - there really is no better option than UNSW.


Degree Options

We have a wide range of study options:

  • flexible single degrees for those wishing to explore different areas of science before selecting a major
  • specialised degrees for those who know exactly what they want to focus on
  • you can even study two degrees at once (double degree), but it won’t take you twice as long.

Plus, one of the best thing about UNSW Science degrees: Our grads get jobs!



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Changing Degrees

UNSW will open up a whole new world of science to you and we understand that your interests might change.

If you achieve the right grades, you may be able to change degrees through our Internal Program Transfer system.