Teacher Development

We currently offer the following professional development opportunities for high school teachers:

Science Teaching Development

The Museum of Human Disease offers the following professional development courses for teachers:

  • Biology
  • Senior Science

Mathematics Teaching Development

Mathematics in The Modern World

The UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics is currently developing a suite of six short professional development courses called Mathematics in The Modern World. These are aimed at Australian high school mathematics teachers who want to enhance and strengthen their understanding of some important mathematical theories and their applications to the modern world.

These six courses will provide focused online lessons and activities through OpenLearning. Each course involves 4 hours of learning focused into 2 scheduled sessions, but participants may access the course material at any time during the 2 week period. 

Special offer: Cost of each course is $60 (usually $90)

Please visit the The UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics website for FAQ and more detailed information about each course.