Talented Students Program


The UNSW Science Talented Students Program (TSP) introduces high performing students entering selected Science degrees to cutting edge, world-class research in the Faculty of Science at UNSW Sydney. 

We want to give you research experiences as early as possible in a safe and engaging manner.  We want to develop and nurture the passion for research that UNSW scientists all share. We want you to be aware of the wide-ranging and brilliant research conducted within Science and we want to inspire you to tackle challenges that will shape the world. 


The program is designed with you in mind - the amount you get out of TSP depends on how much you put in. 




For example, you might be able to:

  • Write a research paper,
  • Attend a conference,
  • Integrate into research groups,
  • Develop a peer group with like-minded students,
  • Obtain helpful advice on anything from the meaning of different courses or programs and what they're like; how to apply for opportunities like internships; to where a degree in science could lead career-wise
  • Gain contacts and network through your mentor...And much more!

All these opportunities exist from Year 1 of your science or science-related degree.


How does it work?  What do I have to do?  What is the time commitment?


Depending on your entrance mark or performance in the early semesters of your degree, the Dean of Science will invite you into the Talented Students Program. You can accept this offer online and provide some basic information which enables us to gauge your interests.

The TSP does not have any course credit associated with it. The TSP is designed to be an avenue for you to engage in scientific research from the onset of your degree program.
For first year students, in term 1 there are events planned throughout term facilitated by higher year TSP students and typically with food and drinks provided.

Calendar of events:

Week 1:             Welcome Lunch

Weeks 3, 5, 9:   TSP Gatherings

Week 7:             TSP Research Poster Evening - posters from academic mentors who would love to host students in their groups & presentations by higher year students who have been through the program

Week 11:            TSP end of term celebration


These events are designed for you to meet TSP students in all years, engage with Faculty of Science staff in various schools, and begin to choose Schools and research projects you may be interested in for the second term of your first year and beyond.

In term 2 of your first year, you will get to choose a research project or research group in one of the Schools of the Faculty of Science, or the School of Medical Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine. Each School has a TSP contact person (see the research booklet) and they can assist you in choosing the type of research that suits you. 

What you do in the research project or group depends entirely on you and your conversations with the researcher. It can be as simple as attending research group meetings every week, to as complex as performing laboratory experiments that no one in the world has ever done before. In each term of your degree you can participate in a different research group, expanding your horizons and experiences. 

The research booklet has a list of TSP contacts from each School and the type of projects available in their School.  Note, the list is not meant to be exhaustive, but it gives you a taste of what's available.  Furthermore, if you learn about interesting research from the School's website or within UNSW, we encourage you to get in touch with the TSP contact in that School, or with the TSP Directors, A/Prof Joel Pearson and Dr Neeraj Sharma, to see if we can arrange a project in that area or field.  

We are here to help you realise your research dreams!

From term 2 onwards in your degree program, you will be offered the opportunity to undertake research projects every term.  We encourage you to explore the variety of research projects on offer at UNSW, choose different Schools and choose different research areas.  These experiences will allow you to make an informed decision about the research direction you wish to pursue for Honours or further studies.

Over the course of your degree program it is expected that you will undertake at least 3 TSP projects. An official record of participation in the TSP program will be included on your secondary transcript when you graduate.


Do you have a thirst for Commerce or the Commerce of Science, or are you a combined degree student with commerce? Do you love innovation?


Linking with the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) and some start-up companies, we are offering TSP projects in this space in term 2, 2019. The idea is to encourage the “innovation” and “commercial” aspects of Science, and to provide students with an interest in these areas a way to explore these opportunities.  Imagine working with a start-up company in the first year of your studies at UNSW Sydney?  

During term 1, 2019 we will be evaluating interest in these types of projects, and we will work to establish projects with TSP students, the MCIC and potentially start-ups too.


Other planned activities 


We are considering a range of other activities to support your research capabilities and development. These range from a TSP camp to a three-minute research presentation.

These events are intended to be completely informal and fun, a way to practice your communication skills.  


2019 Research Areas

Click HERE to find out more about the 2019 Research Areas.



If you have any questions about the Talented Students Program, please contact