Science/Social Research & Policy

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Dual degrees broaden your opportunities and allow you to study different areas simultaneously

This dual degree program enables students to complete a major stream from those available in Science and in Social Research and Policy. Students must satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Social Research and Policy components. On completion of this program, students will have attained a sound knowledge base in both their Science and Social Research and Policy specialisations. A total of 216 units of credit is required to complete this dual degree program.

Bachelor of Science 
Our flagship three-year degree with 24 majors and plenty of room to try out different areas of science.

The Bachelor of Science allows you to study a wide range of science subjects as well as many other areas of interest. This degree is ideal if you know you love science, but you aren't sure what field you would like to specialise in. Students are encouraged to choose a broad range of courses in the first year, to expand their general understanding of science and enable them to choose from wide selection of major options in your second and third year. This gives students time to become more familiar with the different areas of science and to discuss possible majors with staff and other students along the way.

Bachelor of Social Research and Policy
Your gateway to researching, analysing and advocating for change in government and the community.

This degree gives students knowledge and skills in research and analysis that are needed to understand complex social, environmental and economic problems. It is the degree to choose if you are passionate about social issues and want to contribute towards positive changes in the local and global community. The Bachelor of Social Research and Policy is a three year degree. Students undertake a core program that covers social science, policy analysis and research methods, and combine this with a choice of a major and an internship program.

Assumed Knowledge
Mathematics and Chemistry plus one or more of Biology, Earth & Environmental Science, Physics, HSC Mathematics Ext 1 (depending on chosen area of study).

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Award Level: 

  • Bachelor Degree


Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Social Research and Policy

Minimum Units Of Credit for Award: 

Bachelor of Science
The Bachelor of Science provides you with the flexibility to study core Science subjects while majoring in your chosen area of interest.

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