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Honours is a means for connecting undergraduate study with supervised independent research

The purpose of Honours in the Faculty of Science is to enable students who have performed well at undergraduate level to deepen their knowledge of approaches, perspectives and traditions in their chosen scientific discipline and undertake a significant research project. As part of the honours program, students will be expected to complete a significant independent research project and may be expected to complete coursework. In addition to conducting research and coursework students will generally also be expected to undertake Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) training, attend and present seminars, write a literature review, and write a thesis.

Majors: an Honours degree technically has no declared majors. The majors listed on the right are general research areas that you can pursue within this degree.

Note: this Honours program is the honours pathway for students who have completed three year full-time undergraduate Bachelor degrees. It is not intended for students in programs which have Honours included as a requirement of the degree, such as the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours).

Admission Requirements and Process
Students are expected to have completed the requirements for a three year full-time undergraduate Bachelor degree typically with a minimum overall WAM (weighted average mark) of a credit, and completed a major within the desired honours discipline. However, the academic requirements for particular research areas within Science may be higher due to the competitive nature of Honours in some areas and the number of Honours places available within a School. Schools may also have particular prerequisite requirements for entry into Honours, and may consider a student’s performance in their major area of study when assessing their eligibility for admission. To apply for admission to Honours, students should contact the relevant School for information on research projects, available supervisors, and entry requirements. A summary of School contacts and entry requirements can be found at:

The application process is outlined at:

Program Structure
The Bachelor of Science (Honours) is comprised of 48 units of credit. The Honours year normally commences in semester 1 and is undertaken full-time over 1 year. However mid-year entry and part-time enrolment may be available at the discretion of the relevant School. The independent research project will typically be worth 24-48 units of credit undertaken across the entire year (or part-time equivalent). 

Honours Grading
At the completion of their Honours program students will be awarded an honours grading as follows:

  • Honours Class 1: mark of 85 or greater
  • Honours Class 2 Division 1: mark from 75 to 84
  • Honours Class 2 Division 2: mark from 65 to 74
  • Honours Class 3 or Pass: mark below 65

The calculation of class of award will be determined from the student’s weighted average mark for all of the courses (research-based and coursework) required for the program. Please note that only courses completed as part of the Honours program will be included within an honours calculation.

Pathways beyond Honours 
Students who complete an Honours program and achieve an Honours Class 1 are well placed to apply for higher degree research (a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Masters by Research (MSc)) and scholarships such as the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA).

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Award Level: 

  • Bachelor Degree


Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Minimum Units Of Credit for Award: