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The perfect three-year degree for the entrepreneurs of the future - people that love science and understand business.

Today’s increasingly complex modern workplace requires numerous skills and flexibility. The Bachelor of Science and Business will give you a strong and robust scientific underpinning, combined with pragmatic real-world skills you can apply to the business world. This degree has been designed for all those students that love science but are interested in business. It is perfect for those wanting to pursue a business career in a scientific industry. This degree will also prepare you to seamlessly transition from one area within a business to another. 

In many workplaces, employees are expected to be able to adapt to new roles, change tasks, solve problems and apply new skills across very diverse areas. Graduates from this degree could go in to areas as diverse as management consulting, product development, sustainability, environmental management. The options are endless.

What you will study
Two-thirds of the Bachelor of Science and Business degree is Science, and the remainder is Business. The degree is made up of individual courses, some prescribed, some free for you to choose:

  • Major – this is the field of science in which you specialise. All students choose a major (or two), which will provide them with a solid education in scientific theory, method and research.
  • General Education – these courses cover social and ethical issues as well as topics from outside of Science.
  • Electives - most students will also be able to study electives which are courses of their choice that allow you to include other areas of interest in your degree.

Your Business studies begin with a core set of four foundation courses:

  • Accounting & Financial Management 
  • Microeconomics 
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Managing Organisations and People     

Additional business insights will be gained through your electives – and you have the option to study in-depth one or more selected fields:

  • Business Law
  • Marketing
  • Management

Assumed Knowledge
Mathematics and Chemistry plus one or more of Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics or HSC Mathematics Extension 1 (depending on chosen area of study)

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  • Bachelor Degree


Bachelor of Science and Business

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Bachelor of Science and Business
Bachelor of Science and Business degree allows you to follow your passion for science and at the same time gain vitally important business knowledge to expand your career options.

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