Advanced Science (Honours)/Arts

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Dual degrees broaden your opportunities and allow you to study different areas simultaneously

The Advanced Science/Arts dual degree program enables students to complete a major in Advanced Science, in addition to a major sequence in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. On completion of this program, students will have attained a sound knowledge base in both their Advanced Science and Arts specialisations. A total of 240 units of credit is required to complete this dual degree program. Students must satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Science (Advanced) and Bachelor of Arts components.

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)  

UNSW offers science students the most advanced facilities and innovative teaching. The Advanced Science degree has been designed to cater for the specific abilities and interests of talented students with a superior ATAR score.Your degree is made up of individual courses, some prescribed, some free for you to choose. In special courses in first and second years, students work together in multi-disciplinary group projects aimed at acquiring and applying the critical and analytical skills behind scientific research. In second year and later years, a number of courses are offered at advanced level. Training is directed to developing the critical and integrative thinking needed for the successful completion of a research-based honours year.

Bachelor of Arts 
The Bachelor of Arts gives you the license to explore big ideas, global perspectives, creativity and the social issues that impact our communities.

The flexibility of the Arts degree allows you to structure your BA to suit your interests, talents and career aspirations. You will develop essential skills and knowledge that will translate to exciting and contemporary career options. Our graduates are highly valued for their intellectual flexibility, ability to think critically and to communicate with creativity and influence. As a BA student you complete in-depth study in two discipline areas, which you select from 34 areas of study. You may select two majors, completing a BA with a double-major. Alternatively, you may select one major and one minor area of study. The remainder of your degree includes electives from areas of study taught within the Arts and Social Sciences and from other faculties.

Assumed knowledge
Mathematics and Chemistry plus one or more of Biology, Earth & Environmental Science, Physics, HSC Mathematics Ext 1 (depending on chosen area of study)


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Award Level: 

  • Bachelor Degree


Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours), Bachelor of Arts

Minimum Units Of Credit for Award: 

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)
The Advanced Science program is designed for talented students with specific abilities and interests as well as a superior ATAR score.

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