Advanced Science (Honours)

95.00Guaranteed Selection Rank 2020
86.80 2019 Lowest ATAR
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Got the science-smarts? This four-year advanced degree offers 26 majors to those looking for a bigger science challenge.

UNSW offers science students the most advanced facilities and innovative teaching. The Advanced Science degree has been designed to cater for the specific abilities and interests of talented students with a superior ATAR score.Your degree is made up of individual courses, some prescribed, some free for you to choose:

  • Major: this is the field of science in which you specialise. All students choose a major, which will provide you with a solid education in scientific theory, method and research.
  • General Education: these courses cover social and ethical issues as well as topics from outside of Science.
  • Electives: most students will also be able to study electives which are courses of their choice that allow them to include other areas of interest in their degree.
  • The fourth honours year is an integral part for the degree program and involves a research project which in some cases is combined with advanced coursework.

In special courses in first and second year, students work together in multi-disciplinary group projects aimed at acquiring and applying the critical and analytical skills behind scientific research. In second year and later years, a number of courses are offered at advanced level. Training is directed to developing the critical and integrative thinking needed for the successful completion of a research-based honours year. Accelerated or tailored programs of study are available for especially talented students.

Talented Students Program
The Talented Students Program (TSP) helps eligible students in the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science (Advanced) develop specific skills during their degree. It offers exposure to research within the Faculty and provides flexibility and tailoring to suit the needs and talents of our students. Invitation to participate in the TSP is made by the Dean of Science on the basis of superior secondary education performance (ATAR or equivalent). More information

Science vs Advanced Science
This degree differs from the Bachelor of Science with the inclusion of advanced level courses, an honours year, and options tailored to an individual's aptitude and interests. Students will develop a working knowledge in areas of scientific investigation to place them at the forefront of research and discovery. It is the degree of choice for students with an interest in the sciences and who are looking to pursue careers that take advantage of new technologies and innovations

Assumed knowledge
Mathematics and Chemistry plus one or more of Biology, Earth & Environmental Science, Physics, HSC Mathematics Ext 1 (depending on chosen area of study)

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Award Level: 

  • Bachelor Degree


Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)

Minimum Units Of Credit for Award: 

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)
The Advanced Science program is designed for talented students with specific abilities and interests as well as a superior ATAR score.