Vision Scientist

Vision science is an interdisciplinary study of the visual system and perception and incorporates many disciplines, including optometry, ophthalmology, molecular genetics, neuroscience and physiological optics. So, vision scientists will generally choose to specialise in one of these fields.

Vision Scientists research all facets of the visual process, including anatomy and physiology of the eye, biochemistry, optics and visual function. They may also develop products to enhance or aid vision. They may find employment as opticians, ophthalmic assistants, research assistants, representatives for pharmaceutical companies or vision product manufacturers, or rehabilitation trainers of individuals with low vision.

A master's degree in vision science prepares students to work in research, industry and teaching. Graduates of a Ph.D. program may find research positions in fields of biology, sensory and perception, neuroscience, optics and bioengineering. Careers include a researcher, professor or engineer in vision development.