Transportation Analyst

Transportation analysis is devoted to improving transportation safety and efficiency while reducing costs and minimising environmental impact. 

Transportation analysts might work for a lab, private company, consulting firm, or government office. In general, analysts use mathematical modeling to interpret information and help make decisions about future projects. In the field of transportation, analysts work with data pertaining to traffic flow, crash statistics, highway infrastructure, and air quality, among other topics.

Transportation analysts at a private company might interact with customers as well as identify ways to save money in the company's supply and transportation network. Analysts working for a state or federal department usually develop analysis methods and interpret transportation statistics for a given region. Analysis might focus on a particular aspect of transportation such as freight shipping or the effectiveness of current transportation security methods.

Transportation analysts also evaluate current projects - such as repaving highways - to determine their impact on social, environmental, and economic factors. Analysts might devise more efficient systems and methods of transportation and use GPS and traffic modeling programs to predict future transportation needs. They commonly work in project management positions.