Product Developer

Product developers or Product Development Scientists work in various industries, including food, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturing.

They not only develop new drugs, foods, and medical technologies, but they also research and develop ways to enhance existing products.

A product development scientist (PDS) applies his or her knowledge of various sciences to a particular industry. For instance, a PDS might apply knowledge of sensory sciences to the food science and technology industries. These scientists develop ways to improve or enhance consumables. A PDS may create new flavours of foods. They may also make foods more nutritious to eat or digest.

Product development scientists working in the medical industry might develop a new medical device that is used during operations. A PDS who works in the pharmaceutical industry might develop a new drug to treat an ailment or enhance a lifestyle. Similarly, those who work in biotechnology can apply their knowledge of biology and chemistry to develop safer fuels to protect the environment, like discovering an energy source that is less toxic and burns cleaner than gasoline. Product development scientists work behind-the-scenes to help make our products safer, easier to use, and healthier.

In the food manufacturing industry, product development scientists may develop new flavours of sports drinks, achieving the desired taste and product appearance or color. They might also add vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants to a sports beverage to make it healthier or to help athletes stay hydrated. The end goal may be to make the product consumable and marketable.