Park Ranger

Park rangers control, supervise and manage national parks, scenic areas, historic sites, nature reserves and other recreational areas. The main responsibility of a park ranger is protecting and supervising designated outdoor areas.

Park rangers patrol the grounds and make sure that campers, hikers and other visitors are following the rules - including fire safety regulations - and do not disrupt the natural environment or fellow guests. They might be responsible for giving guided tours or presentations of the park.

They also work in park visitor centres, providing guests with maps and areas of interest and areas that are off-limits. They also might be called on to conduct search-and-rescue missions, initiate conservation efforts, help fight fires and enforce the law.

A park ranger working in wildlife management may also capture and relocate potentially dangerous animals manage commercial and recreational harvesting of native wildlife inspect commercial operations making use of wildlife ensure park visitors follow laws and procedures relating to wildlife process animal ownership permits care for sick, injured or orphaned animals clean enclosures and prepare food and water for caged and captive animals.