Organisational Psychologist

Organisational (or occupational) psychologists apply psychological knowledge, theory and practice to the world of work. They aim to help an organisation get the best performance from their employees and also to improve employees' job satisfaction.

Organisational psychologists apply expert knowledge to all levels of working and may work on organisational issues, such as culture and change, as well as issues at an individual or team level.

They may work in a consultancy role or in-house as an employee of an organisation. Collaboration is common with management, human resources officers and training and development officers,careers advisers and management consultants, business coaches, ergonomists and psychologists, trade union representatives, and staff in teams and individually. Roles may also overlap.

Note: to qualify as an Organisational Psychologist, you must complete a relevant master’s degree. Successful completion of the Master’s degree will allow you to practice as a professional Psychologist.