Medical Technician

Medical technicians are crucial healthcare specialists who operate the equipment that administers medical treatments to patients. From microscopes to centrifuges to dialysis equipment, the machinery of healthcare could not be run without the expertise of medical technicians.

Some medical technicians specialise as cardiovascular, dialysis, radiology, surgical or ultrasound technicians. As specialists, they interact with patients to either perform tests for review by doctors or to treat patients directly. Another specialisation is that of the emergency medical technician (EMT) who travel by ambulance to respond to accidents and other medical emergencies. EMTs help stabilise patients for transport to the hospital for emergency care. In addition to their responsibilities running medical machinery, medical technicians often perform administrative duties that include organising patient charts and making sure records are accurate and up to date.

With so many different specialisation options, aspiring medical technicians can generally find a position well suited to most interests and abilities. Due to the broad range of positions that medical technicians occupy, work environments vary widely. Medical technicians who work in clinical laboratories will be in hospitals, physician offices, private medical diagnostic labs, government agencies and blood banks.