Investment Banker

Investment bankers/merchant bankers provide advice to commercial clients and the government about various financial matters including fund and debt management, mergers, acquisitions and privatisation. 

They are responsible for managing corporate, strategic and financial opportunities, including identifying and securing privatisation, merger and acquisition deals, managing and investing large monetary funds, and buying and selling financial products on the behalf of their clients.

Typical duties include:

  • Gathering, analysing and interpreting complicated numerical information
  • Assessing and predicting financial risks and returns
  • Providing investment advice, tactics and recommendations
  • Preparing legal documents and prospectuses
  • Liaising with accountants, lawyers and financial experts.

Investment bankers also advise and lead management buyouts, raise capital, provide strategic advice to clients, and identify and secure new deals. The main role of an investment banker is to advise companies, institutions and governments on how to achieve their financial goals and implement long and short-term financial plans.

Corporate investment bankers work in dedicated teams, focusing on specific transactions or market sectors. They also work alongside other related professionals such as lawyers and accountants.