Food Scientist/Technologist

Food scientists and technologists work within the food industry. They use their knowledge of biology, chemistry, nutrition, microbiology and biotechnology to optimise the quality and safety of foods and their production process.

Food scientists perform a critical role in developing and maintaining our food supply. They use their knowledge to develop methods of packaging, preserving, processing, and distributing the foods that we eat each day.

Food scientists commonly work in product development, where they lead teams of food science technicians who conduct research and experiments to learn more about food and nutrition. As a team, they are sometimes able to identify new food sources or develop ways for making processed foods safer and healthier.

Some food scientists work in quality control at food processing plants. They examine the food that is produced and packaged, and make sure that it is free of contaminants and contains the correct mixture of ingredients.

Not all food scientists work in product development or research positions. Some work for the government, and may be responsible for ensuring that food processing plants follow all sanitation and waste management guidelines. They also use specialised instruments to detect contaminants in the food, and are responsible for writing reports detailing their findings.