Field Biologist

Field biologists conduct research on the land, and in the air and water, focusing on plant, animal and bird behavior in natural ecosystems. They collect plant specimens and track the movements of aquatic and land animals. Many field biologists study environmental degradation due to industrial development and global warming and work as advocates for the environment.

Field biologists can work in many different areas. Some concentrate on plants in a range of ecosystems from deserts to tropical forests, observing plant interactions with the environment. Others study the behavior of wild animals. They often have to live and work outdoors as they perform field research and collect biological data. Some field biologists specialise in the study of aquatic plant and animal life. For example, marine biologists specialise in saltwater organisms, while limnologists specialise in freshwater organisms.

Field biologists are responsible for conducting field research, recording data and analysing data in their respective fields. Field biologists can then draw conclusions based on their analyses. Some field biologists can make recommendations to organisations or government agencies based on their findings.