Environmental Manager

Environmental management is a broad field that can be applied to many sectors.

Environmental managers can specialise in natural resource management, and can therefore be responsible for developing strategies and policies for the conservation of natural resources, such as protected land and national parks. Their aim is to minimise the impact of human activities on these resources and they may liaise with other stakeholders, such as commercial operators, to ensure the interests of the area are protected. 

An environmental manager can also specialise in organisational environmental management, and be responsible for overseeing the environmental performance of private, public and voluntary sector organisations. In an organisational context, they develop, implement and monitor environmental strategies, policies and programmes that promote sustainable development. Organisational environmental managers examine corporate activities to establish where improvements can be made and ensure compliance with environmental legislation across the organisation. They generally have a wide remit and will review the whole operation, carrying out environmental audits and assessments, identifying and resolving environmental problems and ensuring necessary changes are implemented. They also carry out important staff training and ensure all members of the workforce recognise and understand their own contributions to improved environmental performance.

Environmental managers are in increasingly high demand in all sectors - from government to corporations to NGOs. They are considered cross-disciplinary experts due to their broad understanding of the environment, biological science, social science, law and economics.