Airfreight Manager

An Airfreight Manager works to oversee a team involved with the transfer and shipment of goods via an air carrier. Goods could be shipped via a charter or commercial carrier that travels out of commercial or passenger aviation gateways. An Airfreight Manager will work for a Freight Forwarder on behalf of an Exporter.

To work as a Freight Manager or Airfreight Manager you will need to achieve profit growth by ensuring team members meet their individual targets. You must also ensure that goods are moved safely and efficiently on behalf of an exporter.

An Airfreight Manager's job includes preparing financial and management reports. This could involve liaising with transport subcontractors, airlines and customers. Reports will need to be submitted to a director or manager at a specified time. The role of an Airfreight Manager may also include strategy and planning – including the development of operational strategies based on financial budgets. Airfreight Managers tend to work to tight deadlines and so it is important that you can work under pressure on a daily basis and react to difficult situations, which may occur when deadlines look as though they may not be achieved.

An Airfreight Manager may also need to carry out staff performance reviews in line with their company’s procedures as part of their management role. You may be required to carry out inductions or training of new personnel. Alternatively, you may have to manage the training of new personnel and maintain records.