Vision Science

Vision Science is the science of how we see, and the application of technology to help us see better.

Vision Science will help you develop scientific skills that enable you to create new instruments and vision technologies.

At the undergraduate and coursework level, as well as exploring the sciences that underpin vision and light, you can select from a wide range of electives, enabling you to develop unique skills and carve your niche in the marketplace. 

The School of Optometry and Vision Science houses a number of research units including the Optics and Radiometry Laboratory, and is located alongside the Centre for Eye Health and the Brien Holden Vision Institute. Career opportunities in ophthalmic industries are growing strongly. 

Optometry and Vision Science at UNSW Science
Optometry combines the theoretical discipline of vision science with the clinical art of primary eye care. Vision science includes the optics of lenses, the physiology of the eye, the psychophysics of vision and the neuroscience of the brain.