Polymers and Composites

Research in the area of Polymers and Composites is principally on fibre reinforced plastic composites, with a focus on natural fibre composites and failure prediction.

Natural fibre composites use naturally occurring plant fibres such as jute and hemp as the reimforcement, as an alternative to synthetic fibres such as glass. The fibres are a renewable source making natural fibre composites particularly attractive from an environmental standpoint. It is also possible to use a plastic derived for biomass as the matrix material making the composites fully sustainable. Such composites can also be biodegradable.

It is also important to know at what point the onset of failure occurs in composites and we are working in this area also.

Polymers and Composites Research Group Interests:

  • Polymers as matrix in nanocomposites
  • Polymers as matrix in fly-ash recycling
  • Developing hydrophobic polymer surfaces
  • Deformation and fracture behaviour of thermoplastic polymers
  • Fracture micro-mechanics of thermoset polymers

If you are interested in oursuing a research degree in polymers and composites, you can click here for more details including potential supervisors.