Physics is the study of the laws of nature that govern the behaviour of the universe, from the very smallest scales of sub-atomic particles to the very largest in cosmology.

It applies these laws to the solution of practical problems and to the development of new technologies.

Physicists engage a broad range of skills to undertake this work, and Physics is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, as physicists work with mathematicians, engineers, chemists and biologists in order to understand and solve a wide range of problems confronting society.

The study of Physics also helps develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. There are diverse areas of specialisation within this area of study, including astrophysics, optoelectronics and nuclear science.

Physics Research at UNSW is currently divided into 5 broad areas (click for more info):




Condensed Matter Physics

Theoretical Physics


UNSW Science - Physics
Our Physics School specialises in experimental and theoretical physics in astrophysics, biophysics and quantum physics.