Optics and Applied Vision Research

The Optics and Applied Vision Research group conducts research in the following areas:

Applied Vision Research
This area has investigated the clinical examination of colour vision, developed and performed research to support the setting of occupational standards and the provision of appropriate eye and face protection. The Optics and Radiometry Laboratory performs research in the metrology of light and colour for industry applications and supports numerous Faculty projects in Materials Science and Engineering, Biological, Earth and Environmental Science as well as Photovoltaics. Future research directions include the evaluation of energy efficient lamps; evaluation of impact properties of ophthalmic lenses; and assessment and development of energy efficient light sources for good colour rendering. 

Applications of holography in vision
Holography has the potential for several applications in Optometry including the measurement of refractive error and the correction of ocular aberrations. Measurement of spherical refractive error has been developed and validated on real eyes. Future studies will establish the measurement of astigmatic error for real eyes. Other pursuits include wide angle correction of aberrations using holography, which is currently not possible by any other means.