Marine Science

Marine Science looks at all aspects of the marine environment from sea-bed currents to dolphin communication. It encompasses many sciences from geology and physics to engineering and food technology.

Marine Science can be studied with an emphasis on biology, earth sciences, environmental chemistry, oceanography or physical oceanography. 

Marine Scientists look at life on the shore and in the oceans and estuaries, often working along side other marine scientists. For example, marine biologists work with geologists who study the topography of the ocean floor, sediments and marine resources; with physical oceanographers who study the waves, currents and tides; or with chemists who study the chemical composition of seawater, including the concentrations of pollutants and nutrients.

At an undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degree level, Marine Science can be studied as a major or specialisation.


At a Research Level, all aspects of Marine Science can be explored in our School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences Postgraduate Research Degrees.

If you are interested in pursuing a research degree in Marine Science, you can click here to look for potential supervisors.









UNSW Marine Scientist Emma Johnston