Geochemistry is a broad discipline that integrates knowledge and skills derived from many different areas of science - using the tools and principles of chemistry to explain the mechanisms behind major geological systems such as the Earth's crust and its oceans.

The realm of geochemistry extends beyond the Earth, encompassing the entire Solar System and has made important contributions to the understanding of a number of processes including mantle convection, the formation of planets and the origins of granite and basalt.

Geochemistry investigates the source, fate and geochemical behaviour of materials and the processes involved in geochemical systems operating in natural and human-altered environments.  

Geochemistry contributes to the discovery and use of resources, sustainable development and the control or remediation of environmental pollution.

Current Geochemistry Research at UNSW spans many different areas including but not limited to:

  • Biogeochemistry
  • Contaminant Geochemistry
  • Exploration Geochemistry
  • Environmental Geochemistry
  • Evolutionary Geochemistry
  • Geochemical mapping
  • Geochemical extractions
  • Geochemistry of igneous dykes
  • Geochemistry of lava flows
  • Hydrogeochemistry
  • Organic and Inorganic Geochemistry
  • Petroleum Geochemistry
  • Prehistoric Geochemistry


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