Environmental Management

Environmental Management is concerned with the historical, theoretical, and policy implications of the human construction and transformation of the environment.

There is a focus on contemporary environmental concerns, including how and why these concerns have risen to the forefront of current policy agendas, how social, economic and technological systems mediate our interaction with the environment, how these systems vary across the world and evolve with time and the ways in which environmental decisions are made and controversies resolved.

At an undergraduate and postgraduate coursework level,  Environmental Management is not technically a major but it is a significant stream of study in our Environmental Management degrees.

At a Research level, Environmental Management addresses the critical environmental issues facing the global community today.

The Environmental Management PhD Program provides graduate research students with the opportunity to acquire the interdisciplinary policy and management skills needed to address complex environmental and natural resource problems, as well as the opportunity to carry out research in conjunction with the agencies responsible for managing and implementing environmental policy. 

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Environmental Degrees @ UNSW
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