Chemistry is a central science dealing with the design, synthesis, analysis and properties of molecules. As a basic science, it is unique in providing opportunities for creativity. Chemistry develops enquiring, analytical and problem solving minds with good powers of observation and deduction.

At a Bachelor Degree level, the Chemistry stream is designed for students who wish to specialise in the chemical sciences and undertake the maximum number of Chemistry courses. It is designed to provide education and training in all contemporary fields of chemistry, and should be selected by students who wish to devote the majority of their studies to Chemistry.

At a Research level, our School of Chemistry carries out a wide range of research across a variety of chemical disciplines. Each research project can be aligned with one or more of three main research themes or clusters in the School, each with the following aims:

Catalysis & Energy
Energy is a major challenge that faces the world today. Research into energy generation, storage and usage is needed to deliver solutions that will allow a growing global population to share in the technological advances of the industrial era.

The ability of chemists to control matter on the molecular level is now being exploited to develop a new generation of materials with properties not previously accessible.  The fabrication of new materials using molecular scale building blocks is one of the fundamental principles of nanoscience. The functional materials we are developing have important applications in analytical chemistry, electrochemistry and surface science. 

Medicinal Chemistry
The need for new therapeutics and drugs is greater than ever, with ever-growing levels of resistance to current antibiotics, high levels of toxicity of current anti-cancer agents and limited availability of anti-viral agents.  The dramatic advances in disease prevention have been driven by developments in medicinal chemistry. Synthetic methodologies have become sufficiently sophisticated to allow the design and synthesis of completely new yet active structural types.

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Chemistry at UNSW
The UNSW School of Chemistry provides teaching and research programs at both fundamental and applied levels that cover many aspects of Chemistry.