Biological and Ecological Statistics

The focus of the Biological Statistics group is on the development, application and evaluation of novel statistical methods for the applied sciences, but especially for medicine and ecology.

Research Group members have specific interests in a diverse range of methodological topics such as analysing survival data, categorical and correlated count data, high-dimensional data such as gene expression and other complex genetic data, model selection, point process modelling and infectious diseases.

We work with biological and medical researchers on topics such as the evaluation of impact of environmental factors on health outcomes, assessment of policy changes on public health outcomes, and assessment of surrogate measures in treatment evaluation.

The Ecological Statistics (Eco-Stats) Research Group has a strong focus on improving the methods for utilising data to answer research questions commonly asked in ecology.

A particular focus is studying the potential effects on ecological communities of climate change and other environmental impacts. We regularly collaborate with ecologists and environmental scientists in UNSW, CSIRO, the Australian Museum, and other research institutions in Australia and internationally.


If you are interested in pursuing a research degree in Biological or Ecological Statistics, you can click here for more details including potential supervisors