Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics concerns the development of Mathematics and models for understanding scientific phenomena, for the solution of technical and industrial problems, and for use in the social, economic and management sciences.

At an undergraduate level, courses are designed to provide basic mathematical and computational skills needed for a wide range of applications, to develop the capability to construct, analyse and interpret mathematical models, and to encourage enthusiasm for the role of the mathematician in a variety of contexts. Please note: as an undergraduate major, Applied Mathematics is only available within the Advanced Mathematics degree, or one of the dual degrees with Advanced Mathematics.

Research in Applied Mathematics at UNSW covers a broad range of areas, from the theory required to perform efficient numerical computations to cutting-edge applications in fields such as biomathematics and climate modelling.

Applied Mathematics Research Areas at UNSW include:


Computational Mathematics

Fluid Dynamics, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences

Nonlinear Phenomena


Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics)
The Advanced Mathematics program is aimed at high achieving students who wish to specialise in mathematics as a basis for the increasing range of quantitative careers in areas such as finance, environmental modelling and research.