Graduate Profiles

Science leads to a range of rewarding careers.


Professor David James

 Lab Head, Cellular Systems Biology, Garvan Institute

My degree was in biochemistry and physiology. It allowed me to find out who I was and what I am good at and to make the most of the hand I was dealt. The rest was up to me. I like that.

If you would like to change the world forever in a really useful way there is no other choice but science.

You can go where no man or woman has been before, honestly.


Deborah Caudle

 Director, Investment Banking Barclays London

I'm currently working for Barclays in London as a Director in the investment banking mining and metals team.  I work with mining companies. In December 2013 I was named as one of the 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining. 

From working as a process engineer in the Pilbara, to investment banking in London, the technical and analytical skills and problem solving capabilities learned and developed during my degree were a fantastic foundation for both a career in engineering, and later in banking.


Monica Das Gupta

 Junior Consultant, Net Balance

Monica completed her science degree in biotechnology and focused on environmental studies during her arts degree.

At Net Balance, Monica supports clients who are managing climate change issues.


Jessica Cope

 Graduate Environmental Advisor, BHP Billiton

My environmental science degree has given me a broad understanding of natural sciences as well as analytical, investigative and reporting writing skills. All of which I use on a daily basis in my current position. Environmental courses which weren’t science based such as policy, economics and law have also proved very beneficial in the workplace.


Cathy Liu

 Analyst, Reserve Bank


Cathy uses her scientific analytical skills to review data from a range of sources that help management make decisions that have wide sweeping impact across Australia’s financial sector.



Daniela Ho Tan

 Clinical Psychology Registrar, Equilibrium Psychology

I undertook my bachelor degree here and am now doing a master's degree. The flexibility UNSW offers has definitely been a plus and to top it off the extensive size of the campus has aided in increasing my fitness! Getting involved in the social and academic activities at UNSW has also made my experience invaluable. From attending meetings to evaluate my course, to organising a charity masquerade event for Psychsoc; I've had nothing but positive experiences.



Dr Joanne Earl

 Academic, Organisational Psychology, UNSW

A varied range of studies from education, maths and psychology led Joanne to specialise in organisational psychology and a career in academia.


Jo Walton Hespe

Sustainability & HR Manager, Urban Green Energy

The breadth of knowledge resulting from the multifaceted approach to Environmental Science is a great starting point for a bunch of careers and lifelong interests. The people I met during the degree are a great network of people who are so interesting and driven.


Dr Robert Brander

 Coastal and beach scientist, UNSW

Starting with an interest in geography and a desire to work outdoors put Rob on a pathway to becoming a coastal environmental scientist.

Rob specialises in the study of coastal rips and is very active in the community promoting beach safety.


Stephen Parker

 Remuneration Specialist, Aon Hewitt

I am currently working for Aon Hewitt, who provide innovative solutions around all aspects of human capital consulting. Specifically I work in the field of rewards, where I manage several remuneration surveys for the Australian market that measure and report on salary and benefit levels for hundreds of positions across all industries.


Maddie Rourke

 Graduate Optometrist, Specsavers

Working as an optometrist has made me realise the stable framework that studying science at UNSW provided me. It is well recognised that UNSW contributes strongly to advances in research. My lecturers gave me a good understanding of both the latest scientific concepts and the research process. In addition to this we were provided with many hours of practical experience in the UNSW Optometry Clinic allowing realistic expectations of my future career.


Vi Nguyen

Product Manager, Kimberly-Clark 

I knew quite early on that I wanted to work in the health & medical industries and that it was important to have studied science at tertiary level to work in these industries. UNSW Science had strong links with industry bodies and other government and non-government bodies which would ensure that my studies were relevant to employers.