Entry Requirements


English Language Requirements

All applicants, domestic and international, must meet UNSW's English language entry requirements before they can be offered admission.


Research Skills

Students that do not have appropriate research background may consider undertaking an Honours degree at UNSW.


Degree-specific Requirements

The additional requirements for the various higher degree research programs offered by UNSW Science are:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Admission to the Doctor of Philosophy degree requires one of the following qualifications:

  • A completed undergraduate degree with Honours 2/1 or equivalent (for example at UNSW, this is graded as distinction level or 75%+), or;
  • A completed Masters by Research degree or equivalent postgraduate qualification that includes a substantial research component written up as an academic thesis, awarded at or above distinction level or equivalent, or;
  • In exceptional circumstances, sufficient evidence of research experience that clearly demonstrates exceptional research skills and the ability to undertake the proposed research program.

Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Psychology

The normal entrance requirements are completion of an Honours Class 1 degree in Psychology from UNSW or from a recognised APAC university, and the availability of adequate supervision and research infrastructure.

As the number of places is limited, entry into the combined program is competitive. Referees reports will be sought for applicants who are short-listed, and an interview may be required.

Master of Science (MSc)

The minimum requirement for admission to a Masters by Research is a relevant 4-year Bachelor’s degree with Honours that includes a substantial research component; or with the consent of the potential supervisor, a qualification or combination of qualifications considered to be equivalent by the Faculty of Science Higher Degree Committee.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

The minimum requirement for admission to a Master of Philosophy is an appropriate Bachelor degree in the relevant discipline from UNSW or a qualification considered equivalent from another university or tertiary institution usually at Honours level.

Master of Engineering

A four-year university degree in a relevant field, as above, preferably with some research experience.


Further Information

For more information, contact the School of interest to you to discuss the entry requirements for your degree of choice.