Chemistry Bridging Course


Course information

The Chemistry Bridging Course provides you with the basic knowledge required for the study of chemistry at university level. This course goes over the following topics:
  • Atomic structure
  • Names and formulae
  • Moles
  • Safety & prep of soap and electrolytes
  • Equations and stoichiometry
  • Preparation of alum
  • Concentrations
  • Oxidation & reduction
  • Titration
  • Gases

Through the use of lectures, tutorials and laboratory work, you will become familiarised with the way Chemistry is taught at university. 

NOTE: Attendance at the 3rd lecture which is on the Mole concept, is pivotal to learning chemistry therefore any late registrations will not be accepted beyond this class if you have not attended this lecture. 

Who should study the Chemistry Bridging Course?

  • Students with no prior knowledge of HSC Chemistry, and who intend on studying CHEM1011, CHEM1031, CHEM1831 or MATS1101, and/or who intend to pursue chemistry-related courses in the first-year of their degree.
  • To check if you need to study the Chemistry Bridging Course, please contact the Faculty that runs your degree.
Hours of Tuition: 40 hours (comprised of lectures, tutorials, and labs).
Course Fees: $380
Registrations have now closed for 2019.