Star-Craving Mad: Tales from a Travelling Astronomer

Fred Watson, Astronomer


Friday, 22 February, 2013 - 18:00


Physics Lecture Theatre, Old Main Building, UNSW Campus (near Gate 14)


School of Physics

Type of event: 

Special Event

Speaker: Fred Watson, Astronomer-in-Charge for the Australian Astronomical Observatory

Fred Watson knows all about the madness that drives people to seek out the mysteries of the Universe in a bid to unlock its secrets. He says he has spent so many years working in large observatory domes that he has even started to look like one.

But this down-to-Earth astronomer also gets out and about in his work, with radio and TV broadcasts - and now, astronomy tours. Designed to show people the places where science comes from, Fred's unique tours take in everything from primitive observatories in ancient Peru to the world's largest atom-smasher in modern-day Switzerland.

In his new book, Star-Craving Mad, Fred explores these far-flung destinations as he weaves the epic story of humankind's growing understanding of the Universe. It's a grand adventure through space and time; and into the obsessions of some of science's most colourful characters. Fred has selected just a few of these traveller's tales for this light-hearted and engaging talk.

Join him in an armchair tour that is sure to take you out of this world. Refreshments served from 6pm


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