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NYSF Tour Day


Friday, 4 July, 2014 -
08:45 to 15:30


UNSW Campus


Faculty of Science

Type of event: 

Special Event



Welcome to the NYSF Tour of UNSW

Note: this event is exclusive to students in the NYSF program. 

Each student will have the opportunity to attend their choice of three sessions from Science, Engineering and Medicine during their visit.

Each session is unique so you can choose to focus on one Faculty, however we recommend that you take this opportunity to explore different areas of interest.

Some sessions do have maximum numbers and will be closed when capacity is reached.

Session selection is now closed.


Session 1 Options

Chemistry Workshop

Hands-on experiments such as the preparation of biodiesel, and chemistry demonstrations such as combustion, redox chemistry and elephant's toothpaste. Other cutting edge demonstrations including nanotechnology will also be presented.

Biomed Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is all about applying engineering principles and techniques to the human body. From the body's processes to it's hardware, Biomedical Engineers are giving us all a better quality of life.

Exercise Physiology

Students will conduct a number of different fitness tests designed to measure their physiological capacity based on aerobic and anaerobic exercise.


Session 2 Options

Physics: Understanding Gravity

What goes up must come back down - makes sense, right? Unfortunately, as soon as we leave the Earth, there is a twist in this gravitational tale. Great minds such as Galileo, Newton and Einstein all pondered about it but do we really have a full understanding of Gravity?

Electrical Engineering

The ways we use electricity, from power engineering and large-scale electricity generation, to the design of small circuits and electronic devices. It also includes the operation of control systems and communications technology.

Medicine Programs

A Medicine Education and Student Office Administrator and final year medicine student will discuss entry pathways into medicine programs, the application process and selection criteria.


Session 3 Options

Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour

Are you interested in how the mind develops and works? Why do we behave the way we do? Make the decisions we do? The Psychology activity will give you an insight to the world of psychology and how it is put to use in the real world. Be a part of simple demonstrations and learn how you can study psychology at UNSW and where it can take you.

Civil Engineering

Most people believe civil engineering is about building bridges, but in fact it is a lot more. It involves geotechnics which involves everything below the ground, all sorts of water resources, transport and construction management.

Museum of Human Disease

Tour of Museum of Human followed by lively discussion with Museum Manager.