Are we underestimating the strength and variability of selection in the field?


Friday, 26 May, 2017 - 15:00


Mathews Theatre D, Mathews Building, UNSW Kensington campus


Evolution and Ecology Research Centre

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Evolution appears to proceed more slowly than would be expected based on the assumptions that selection is strong, consistent and there sufficient heritable variation in dimensions in which selection acts. Recent meta-analyses have stirred debate as to how strong and consistent selection really is. Here Dustin reviews this debate briefly and then suggests that our current estimates of selection may be misleading us as to the its strength and variability in natural population of most organisms.


Professor Dustin Marshall received his PhD at The University of Melbourne on marine invertebrate life histories. After a postdoc at UNSW, he took up a faculty position at UQ. After 6 years, he left UQ for Monash University and in 2015 became the inaugural director of the Centre for Geometric Biology.