All life starts from one single cell. That cell then divides into two, four, eight...but sometimes, things go wrong. One cell gets mutated, and becomes a cancer cell. How can we catch this difference early? How can we use this knowledge to battle cancer? In this project, students will use advanced microscopy to see how cancer cells are different from healthy cells, and investigate how we can use the differences to battle to cancer cells.

What Students will do

Students will use microscopy to examine the difference between healthy and normal cells, analysising the data using computer program. For additional data for analysis and comparison, students will have access to a secondary dataset of cell sizes. 

Prerequisite Study

  • None

Areas of Student Interest

  • Cell Biology

  • Biochemistry

  • Cancer Biology

Cong Vu

Mentor: Dr Cong Vu - School of Chemistry

Dr Cong Vu is a postdoctoral research associate in nanomedicine. His research focuses on designing nanoparticle technology to target cancer cells over healthy cells. He is also founding a start-up company called “Nanosoils”, which is incubated with Department of Primary Industries. His team hopes to maximise the benefit of agrochemicals for farmers and minimise the residues for environments using nanotechnology.