SciX@UNSW Science Extension Program

Are you a senior high school student interested in trying your hand at your own scientific research project? Whether you are looking for a Science Extension research project and mentor or just interested in getting started in science research now, we invite you to take part in SciX@UNSW, taking part annually in January. 

SciX@UNSW supports Science Extension students and other keen high school students to complete their research projects by providing them with access to UNSW Science’s world-leading researchers, research tools and facilities. Students are placed in small groups focused on a particular research area and technique. Each group’s UNSW Science mentors, current PhD students and practicing researchers, will introduce students to research and tools at the frontier of scientific knowledge, supporting students in developing their individual hypothesis and carrying out their independent research project. 

The centrepiece of the SciX experience is a one-week intensive summer school. SciX2022 will take place on 17th - 21st January from 9 am to 4:30 pm daily. 

Applications for SciX2022 are now closed; if you are interested in the January 2023 program, please provide your details here to be notified when information becomes available. 

All projects will be offered on-campus, with the Astronomy, Batteries, Cognitive Science, Human Genome, Spectroscopy and Quantum Computers program also available for online students.

How It Runs

Our leading academics and science educators have designed a set of tools, resources and equipment to support students to investigate their selected line of inquiry around a specific research topic. The research projects offered are overseen by our academic research staff and are delivered primarily by our research PhD students. You can view a selection of our previously delivered projects below.

SciX 2020

Why SciX@UNSW?

Intensive Summer School to fast-track your project

During the SciX summer school week, you will be involved in hands-on research lab and workshop sessions, learning new science and new techniques in data creation, collection and analysis that will enable you to get a great start with your project.

Authentic syllabus-aligned projects developed by our experts

All research projects have been developed by UNSW scientific researchers in collaboration with high school science teachers to ensure that they are thought-provoking to students and aligned with the course syllabus. Senior scientists have reviewed each project to ensure they are interesting, suitable and technically feasible for Year 12 students.

Regular support from trained mentors

Our research project mentors have been formally trained to deliver the program by UNSW staff and high school teachers. During the summer school week, mentors will carefully go through all the scientific and technical knowledge you will need to complete your project. The student to mentor ratio is around six. 

Be a part of a student community

Each group of students will be assigned to a research project, enabling a strong peer group so students can support each other as they work through their individual lines of enquiry. Students will participate in group forums, facilitated by their project mentor, to encourage discussions and problem-solving. We also have regular activities to connect students from across the program to network and learn from each other.

We are committed to an inclusive and well-resourced experience  

Our budget model incorporates significant availability of fee-waived positions, based primarily on financial need. We are committed to hiring diverse research mentors and encouraging students from diverse backgrounds to participate in SciX@UNSW. Our research mentors are paid at a fair rate to support the quality and values of the program.

SciX2022 Projects