SciX@UNSW Science Extension Program

SciX@UNSW Science Extension Program connects NSW Year 12 high school students studying Science Extension with UNSW researchers to work on research projects. SciX@UNSW allow students to follow their own line of enquiry whilst accessing the resources and expertise of our scientists. We have research projects offered by every school in the Faculty of Science.

How It Runs

Our leading academics have designed a set of tools, resources and equipment to support students to investigate their selected line of inquiry around a specific research topic. The research projects offered are overseen by our academic research staff and are delivered primarily by our research PhD students. You can view the projects on offer below.

If you are going to be a Year 12 student in 2021 that is considering doing the Science Extension subject and a research project with UNSW, please sign up to the expression of interest mailing form below. 

Expression of Interest for 2021 SciX@UNSW Program


2021 SciX@UNSW research projects

As a discipline, cognitive science explores how the brain takes in information about the world, how it represents information about the world, and how it uses it. Through elegant experiments, cognitive scientists have learned a lot about how perception, attention, and memory work.