Industry Opportunities

UNSW Science believes in the power of collaboration - where active engagement is not just an academic theory and ideas are turned into real-world benefits. Combining our research excellence with deep knowledge of the STEM industry, we are committed to building stronger connections and developing partnerships and industry opportunities on a local and global scale.  

In February 2019, UNSW launched UNSW3+, a new academic calendar which enables students to build work experiences into their degree in any term, giving employers access to our students all year round.

“We are always seeking opportunities to collaborate more with industry. We work with our industry partners in a number of ways to produce better science, create jobs and to have a global impact.”  


 - Professor Emma Johnston  AO, Dean of UNSW Science

Engage with UNSW Science Students  

This program allows organisations to host science student interns across the Faculty of Science. Host students from one particular science discipline, or engage students from different science backgrounds who can bring diverse discipline perspectives and skills to a project. 

Specialist work placement program for internships related to fields in the School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES): topics in Biology, Climate Science, Earth Science, Ecology, Geography and Marine Science.