Developed with UNSW Science researchers, our pre-prepared depth study resource packs support secondary teachers of stage 6 Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth and Environmental Science. 

Teachers receive free and exclusive access to these online resources on our dedicated open learning website. They include detailed instructions for first-hand investigations, sample data, suggestions for research and more. 

“My Year 11 Chemistry class worked through Depth Study 11.1 Optimisation of a Chemical Reaction. My Year 12 Chemistry students completed the 12.2 Acids and Bases in the Home, and my Year 11 Biology worked with the 11.1 Restoring Marine Habitats.


I found all three depth studies to be superbly constructed, highly engaging for students, and very easy to administer from a teacher’s perspective. The task enabled each student to undertake an individual research area, yet gave the scaffold for consistency in assessment. Being complementary, they had the added advantage of not requiring the hassle of trying to get funding allocated. Year 11 Chemistry commented that the depth study really helped them to make sense of the theory components of the modules, as well as allowing them to “feel like real scientists”. Year 12 worked through their depth study with smiles, despite it being an assessment task. Year 11 Biology were equally excited with their task, and learnt a lot from the ocean-front excursion that the resources suggested.


In a year where the new syllabi have brought uncertainty, significantly increased preparation load, and therefore considerable angst, the Open Learning Depth Study resources have been easily accessible, professionally produced and highly relevant, capturing and holding student interest. In short, they were lifesavers. Thank you!"


-    Rose Mary Bellamy, Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta