The UNSW Science Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (SEDI) Working Group provides strategic direction and leadership in line with UNSW’s 2025 Strategy - to support an equitable workplace for all staff and students of UNSW Science. 

The Science EDI Working Group identifies diversity initiatives and actions and reviews the progress of equity, diversity and inclusion goals.

Project Officers

The Science Equity, Diversity and Inclusion project officers are responsible for facilitating, supporting and creating new initiatives, programs, guidelines and activities in the EDI space. They focus on the staff and student spaces respectively.


  • Lisa Williams (Chair, Psychology - currently on leave)
  • Sarah Brough (Acting Co-Chair, Physics)
  • Carlo Caponecchia (Acting Co-Chair, Aviation)
  • Emma Johnston (Dean of Science)
  • Adriana Verges (BEES)
  • Ajay Vijay (Optometry and Vision Sciences)
  • Clara Grazian (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Paul Munroe (Material Sciences and Engineering)
  • Ruth Thomas (Chemistry)
  • Vacant (Aviation)
  • Vacant (Psychology)
  • Kim-Vy Tran (Physics)
  • Brendan Burns (BABS)
  • Fatemeh Vafaee (WiRN)
  • Simin Fasoudi (WiRN)
  • Andrew Addie (EDI Project Officer Staff – Secretariat)
  • Ashneeta Prasad (Postgraduate Student Representative)
  • Vacant (Undergraduate Student Representative)