Our Science Alum&Us mentoring program provides an opportunity for Science alumni like you to play a pivotal role as mentors in the development of our current science students. You'll help them to start thinking about the transition from study into their professional careers.  

Our students are provided with pre-program mentor information and training to prepare them for the mentoring process.  


  • Personal fulfillment from shaping and developing a student’s career 
  • Professional development – enhancing leadership, communication and management expertise 
  • Contributing to the education community through knowledge and skills sharing   
  • Opportunity to reflect on own career/personal aspirations   
  • Networking with other mentors  

Organisational Benefits 

  • Contribute to the development of emerging professionals 
  • Identify future talent for your organisation 
  • Gain current information on educational trends 
  • Professional development opportunities for participating employees 


Mentors must be UNSW Science alumni and currently employed with at least five years of professional experience. 


Mentors who are selected to participate in the program are expected to: 

  • Participate in five, one-hour face-to-face meetings with their mentees 
  • Attend the launch event 
  • Complete program evaluation and feedback 

Your Role as a Mentor 

As a mentor, your overall objective is to assist your mentee transition from student to professional through guidance, advice, and sharing of insights into their chosen industry. 

Our students, with your support, will set meeting objectives. Your role is to facilitate the development of your mentee by acting as a resource and advisor. This may include assisting mentees to determine their career goals, sharing insights about your role, industry or work experience. 

Areas Mentees may need your Guidance 

  • Workplace insights – e.g. culture, professional conduct, governance etc. 
  • Networking and interview skills 
  • Sounding board for CV and LinkedIn development 
  • Industry trends and challenges 
  • Finding job opportunities in the industry – job hunting strategies