Emma Johnston

"I always enjoy watching students walk across the stage at graduations, to receive their testamur but also to effectively enter the UNSW alumni community. 


UNSW was founded on the study of science and its applications. Our school of Chemistry traces its roots back to 1879, before the university proper existed. During the last 60 years UNSW Science has undergone many changes, from the merging of the faculties of Applied Science, Life Sciences, Biological and Behavioural Sciences, to the creation of new research centres that focus on emerging technological and environmental issues. As the current UNSW tagline suggests – we never stand still. 


There have been many thousands of graduates at UNSW Science and I value you as part of our community. We would very much like to hear your stories and about how you have progressed since your graduation day, as we continue to build on the impressive legacy of all those who have gone before us." 


Professor Emma Johnston AO, Dean of UNSW Science

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