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Internship at Bison A/X (Maths, Statistics and Data Sciences students)

Data science and machine learning company Bison A/X is looking for Data Science / Machine Learning / Statistics / Business Intelligence Interns. 

Brief Description of the Organisation

Bison AX is a start-up providing b2b machine learning and data science services and products: If there is usable information in a client’s data or imagery – we will find and deliver it.  Currently, our primary clients are in aged care, telecommunication, utilities and construction but we are not limited to any field, for example, we have provided business intelligence services to a fashion retailer. Our main goals as of now are a global expansion of our telco and utility offerings, a widening of our aged care offering. We are considering expanding an extension of our product for use in solar PV.

What is the goal of the internship?

The goal of this position is to work closely with the founders/directors to provide analytics/dev support that will contribute to the development of working prototypes for use in product demonstrations, materials for marketing and components of production items that will aid in our quest for global expansion.

What learning opportunities will the students have?

As students will be working on projects for a company that is selling data science and ML products globally, and in different industries, they will be exposed to and gain an understanding of:
- The realities of commercial analytics in contrast to academia
- Working in an agile environment
- Communicating progress to an agile team
- Understanding all the steps involved from client brief to project delivery on the context of data science and machine learning
- Develop their hard-technical skills with real-world standards and deadlines to meet.

Internship Specific Tasks

Depending on the student's background and inclinations the tasks will be to assist the Directors in one or more
of these areas:

- Automated MLR models for use in loading (what goes in the truck)
- Genetic Algorithms / Combinatorics for use in routing (where the truck goes)
- Computer Vision (YOLO etc) for use by utilities (how many of those things are in this photo)
- Data Visualisations / Infographics for marketing purposes  (Potential clients understand what we actually do)
- Sports Predictions for marketing  (Potential clients think we are clever yet can relate to us)
- Database and excel optimisation/automation (SQL/VBA) (Processes go faster)

and like everyone in ML

- The preparation and testing that goes along with machine learning. 

Placement Hours 

Interns will be required to come in at least two days a week, preferably three or more. A full-time option is also available, for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Apply now

Please email a copy of your CV and academic transcript to: 

Blair Lublow 

Managing Director

t:  + 61 466 999 959



SCIF2199 notes:

Any students who are interested in completing a full-time internship must not have any other compulsory attendance requirements on campus for other courses during T2. This means only enrolling in SCIF2199 for T2, or enrolling in other courses that are fully online. 

Before applying, we recommend that you request a progress check with the Science Student Centre, to determine how a SCIF2199 enrolment in T2 will impact your program progression. 




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