Undergraduate Program Guides

Program Guides have been created to help undergraduate students follow the requirements for the majors available in some of our Science programs.  Students should use the Program Guides for the year they commenced their Science program.  They should only be used as a guide, in conjunction with the program rules in the relevant edition of the Online Handbook.

Please Note: Students commencing in 2016, enrolling in Advanced Science should follow program code: 3962 Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours).


3053 - Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) (2019 commencement) 

3435 - Bachelor of Psychological Science

3632 - Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

3925 - Bachelor of Science and Business

3956 - Bachelor of Advanced Mathematics (Honours) (includes dual degree guides)

3962 - Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) - commencing in 2016 onwards (includes dual degree guides)

3965 - Bachelor of Environmental Management

3966 - Bachelor of Life Sciences

3970 - Bachelor of Science (includes dual degree guides)

3972 - Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science) (pre-2016)

3980 - Bachelor of Aviation (Flying) (2019 commencement)

3981 - Bachelor of Aviation (Management) (2019 commencement)

3991 - Bachelor of Medical Science (2019 commencement)

3999 - Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry (2019 commencement)

All Materials Science and Engineering program guides (includes dual degree guides)